Meet the Staff

Tom. J - Pro BMX rider, Skatepark staff member

Hi I'm Tom Justice! Pro BMX rider with way to much hair and a big love for anything reptile or Subaru. when I am not found in the skatepark I am mainly found behind the counter at reception or building wheels. Stay classy Sutton!

Jan - Cook

A long-term Asylum inmate. Generally heard responding to ‘how are you?’ with ‘Short, Fat and Fifty-ish, but still breathing.’ Likes gardening so often calls customers ‘flower’ or ‘petal’, but trying hard to break that habit, especially with 20 somethings….occasional one still slips out though, so apologies if you’re on the receiving end. Sometimes found brandishing wooden spoons at unruly children… keeping a tight rein on behavior in the café. Passionate about serving affordable, great food and providing a pleasant experience for parents.

Jane - Cook

A most excellent cook! Also an inmate from the start (though recently been certified as ‘normal’). Jane has a great reputation for serving really good food coupled with fantastic customer service. Treating children and other Asylum staff like an extended family, she is always helpful, fun and friendly, but beware if she flares her nostrils…you’ve gone too far!

Jack - Skatepark Manager

The Bossman. usually found fixing scooters in reception whilst keeping Tom in check when he's all jacked up on mountain dew.